As Idaho’s premier event venue, our mission is to WOW our guests with unforgettable experiences. Our team of passionate, creative professionals are devoted to excellence in food, service, amenities and venue management. Please contact any member of our team for assistance.
Photo of Patrick Rice
Patrick Rice
(208) 489-3650
Executive Director
Photo of Ali Ribordy
Ali Ribordy
(208) 489-3608
Director of Sales
Photo of Cody Lund
Cody Lund
(208) 489-3630
Assistant Executive Director
Photo of Chris Lockner
Chris Lockner
(208) 489-3614
Director of Food and Beverage
Photo of Cliff Clinger
Cliff Clinger
(208) 489-3680
Director of Marketing
Photo of Nick Souba
Nick Souba
(208) 489-3602
Director of Operations
Photo of Anne Marie Downen
Anne Marie Downen
(208) 489-3601
Director of Finance
Photo of Stacey Funk
Stacey Funk
(208) 489-3610
Director of Human Resources
Photo of Megan Maalouf
Megan Maalouf
(208) 489-3653
Human Resources Specialist
Photo of Stacie Lisby
Stacie Lisby
(208) 489-3682
Senior Event Manager
Photo of Lauren Hamilton
Lauren Hamilton
(208) 489-3631
Event Manager
Photo of Shira Hotvedt
Shira Hotvedt
(208) 489-3688
Event Manager
Photo of Katie McClain
Katie McClain
(208) 489-3603
Event Manager
Photo of Matt Williams
Matt Williams
(208) 489-3628
Event Manager
Photo of Pam Zauha
Pam Zauha
(208) 489-3665
Event Coordinator
Photo of David Gregori
David Gregori
(208) 489-3642
Facilities Manager
Photo of Allan Cushing
Allan Cushing
(208) 489-3643
Operations Manager
Photo of Anthony Manzanares
Anthony Manzanares
(208) 489-3615
Assistant Operations Manager
Photo of Connor Boyd
Connor Boyd
Operations Coordinator
Photo of Gavin Colby
Gavin Colby
Operations Supervisor
Photo of Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson
Operations Supervisor
Photo of Heather Oliphant
Heather Oliphant
(208) 489-3617
Food and Beverage Manager
Photo of Shawn McKee
Shawn McKee
Operations Supervisor
Photo of Michael Walker
Michael Walker
(208) 489-3691
Audio Visual Coordinator
Photo of Ryan Shoup
Ryan Shoup
(208) 489-3620
Food and Beverage Manager
Photo of Emma Fobes
Emma Fobes
Food and Beverage Asst. Manager
Photo of Dan Fuller
Dan Fuller
(208) 489-3619
Beverage Manager
Photo of Dwayne Griffiths
Dwayne Griffiths
Executive Chef
Photo of Steve Lively
Steve Lively
Executive Sous Chef
Photo of Damon Baugh
Damon Baugh
Executive Sous Chef
Photo of Matt Jennings
Matt Jennings
Sous Chef
Photo of Joanne Cambareri-Smith
Joanne Cambareri-Smith
(208) 489-3690
Senior Accountant
Photo of Nicki Keith
Nicki Keith
(208) 489-3623
Senior Accountant
Photo of Stephanie Krasen
Stephanie Krasen
(208) 489-3618
Payroll/Accounting Specialist
Photo of Maria Costa-Boyer
Maria Costa-Boyer
(208) 489-3605
Accounting Specialist
Photo of Anna Mills
Anna Mills
Executive Administrative Assistant
Photo of Brandon Doty
Brandon Doty
(208) 489-3607
Safety and Security Manager
Photo of Lynda Alexander
Lynda Alexander
(208) 489-3669
Sales Manager
Photo of William Trimble
William Trimble
Security Supervisor
Photo of Lori Brown
Lori Brown
(208) 489-3664
Sales Manager
Photo of Ed Lay
Ed Lay
(208) 489-3613
IT Support Technician
Photo of Kay Dillon
Kay Dillon
(208) 489-3684
Sales Manager
Photo of Jennifer McMaster
Jennifer McMaster
(208) 489-3629
Contract Administrator
Photo of Mary-Michael Rodgers
Mary-Michael Rodgers
(208) 489-3668
Communications Manager
Photo of Rebekah Johnson
Rebekah Johnson
Business Systems Analyst
Photo of Scott Peyovich
Scott Peyovich
Audio Visual Lead
Photo of Taylor Beagley
Taylor Beagley
Banquet Captain
Photo of Max Bittner
Max Bittner
Banquet Captain
Photo of Alma Galvez
Alma Galvez
Banquet Captain
Photo of Jenny Hackworth
Jenny Hackworth
Banquet Captain
Photo of Ben Stanford
Ben Stanford
Banquet Captain