Frequently Asked Questions

Travel and Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of parking is available around Boise Centre?

  • How far is the Boise Centre from the Boise Airport (BOI)?

  • Which airlines fly into Boise Airport (BOI)?

  • Is Boise Airport (BOI) called Boise International Airport?

  • Does Boise Airport (BOI) have a currency exchange?

  • What are the estimated taxi fees from Boise Airport (BOI) to Boise Centre?

  • Are shuttles available?

  • Which car rental companies service the Boise area?

  • What public transportation options exist in Boise?

Area Attractions Frequently Asked Questions

  • What attractions, museums or activities are available in Boise?

  • What types of day trips are available in the area if I want to extend my stay in Boise?

  • What type of shopping is available in Boise?

Attendee Frequently Asked Questions

City of Boise Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some interesting facts about Boise?

  • What are the annual seasonal temperatures for Boise?

  • What is the elevation of Boise?

Accommodations Frequently Asked Questions