We're As Green As Our Logo

Investing in Our Future

The Boise Centre team has taken many sustainable measures to move toward a more environmentally friendly venue.

Energy Efficiency

  • Upgrading fluorescent lighting systems from T-12 to T-5 and T-5 HO
  • New lighting controllers that reduce output by 50% for move in/move outs
  • Interactive Lighting and HVAC control systems send heating or cooling into setback mode when lights are turned off
  • Building is heated with Boise City’s geothermal water system
  • Natural light in the main lobby areas provides for reduced lighting, particularly during set up and tear down
  • Energy reducing motor control drive upgrades to the cooling tower and chiller

Waste Reduction

  • Work with Western Recycling to recycle all forms of paper, plastic and metal materials. Provide tradeshows oversized recycle bins on the show floor to encourage recycling.
  • Designated compactor for all recyclable materials
  • Partner with Ūsful Glassworks, a nonprofit organization that upcycles drinking glasses to local restaurants, brew pubs and sells wares in their store.
  • Initiated a composting program with local neighborhood co-op farms to provide composting materials
  • Individual water bottles are replaced with filtered water stations in public areas
  • Reduce paper waste by replacing traditional guest signage inside the facility with new digital technology

Water Conservation

  • Use of water stations rather than individual pitchers of water in all meetings